15 Funny Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh Hard

We all had funny haircuts when we were kids and our parents were in charge of everything. Yet, there are some people who grew up and still chose a funny haircut for themselves.
Here are 15 funny haircuts that will definitely make your day better!

Via Reddit/TeddyDuchamp
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9 thoughts on “15 Funny Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh Hard”

  1. Dear sir you might find these people funny. But it’s obvious that they feel ignored and trying to get attention.

  2. Yes, most are funny, but 7 and 9 are just horrible. The girl on page 9 is a very attractive girl, but the hair just doesn’t do it for her.

  3. The guy in the tuxedo obviously thinks he is just IT. And the fellow with the pineapple top is a close second.

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