11 Things All 1950s Kids Surely Remember

Poddle skirts
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Poodle skirts

“My three daughters, Anita, Patty, and Christine, are wearing the pink poodle skirts and navy-blue tops they got from their grandparents one Christmas in the 1950s,” says Mary Brown of Prophetstown, Illinois.


Zip the Monkey

“Summers in the 1950s were great fun. One of my favorite toys was Zip the Monkey. He had a black plush body with a rubber face, ears, and hands. He wore a yellow shirt with ‘ZIP’ printed on the front, red corduroy pants with suspenders, a red hat, and white rubber shoes. Zip went almost everywhere with me, including this trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1954.”

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  1. I was born in 52, and I do remember lots of the things mentioned here, but many of the pictures don’t match up with the captions like “Board Games ” with kids on a jungle gym? ???

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