You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists


The second wave of coronavirus is now taking over the United States, and the situation appears to be even more concerning than it was in spring and summer. Almost half of the states are prepared for another lockdown, CLICK HERE to discover which are The 20 States That Might Be Headed To Another Lockdown. Governors in every state issued more serious restrictions, such as reduced capacity at bars and restaurants, unessential businesses to close, and even curfews in some areas considered ‘red spots’ for COVID-19.

According to specialists, you’re likely to catch COVID-19 from the places you least expected, and these 4 venues are more dangerous than large, crowded superspreaders events, so you need to be very careful. You probably didn’t expect this, but the places you’re most likely to contract the virus are the ones where most people feel the safest.

Every social event you go to, no matter how small, can provide the most fertile ground for spreading COVID-19. As Nirav Shah, MD, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Maine, told The Washington Post, “Earlier in the outbreak, much of the growth in new daily cases was being driven by focal outbreaks—long-term care facilities, things of that nature.”

Additionally, the kitchen table is a place of risk, explains Shah. So now you probably wonder, what are the places that require keeping your guard up? Read on to discover the 4 places that put you at a very high risk of contracting COVID-19!

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3 thoughts on “You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists”

  1. Have not been anyplace but the grocery store. Wear a mask wash hands. Staying at home with husband. Both of us retired. Am not sick.

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