14 Famous People You Had No Idea Were Foster Kids or Foster Parents

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Alec Mapa

You saw him on countless TV shows, most notably Ugly Betty, but the most important role played by the actor Alec Mapa is as a father. Mapa and his husband, Jamison Hebert, are fathers of a son, Zion, and staunch foster care advocates of adoption through the system.

“He was five years old when he was out of foster care and it was a tragic circumstance, so there was a lot of grief happening,” Mapa told Raise a Child. “But now that he’s settled and been with us for five years, he’s so funny and quick-witted. He can be very sarcastic in a very biting way, which is very similar to Jamie and I. On the other hand, he has a physical prowess that I never possessed as a kid. He has a natural athletic ability that doesn’t come from either one of us. He’s a fearless athlete and he’s becoming a very confident person.”

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