30 Random Facts So Interesting You’ll Be Shocked – PART 2

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7. Nutmeg can be fatally poisonous.

A little amount of nutmeg in a pumpkin pie or on your egg nog will give it some extra flavor and a spicy aroma. A higher nutmeg quantity, however, can be toxic. Two to three teaspoons of raw nutmeg may cause hallucinations, convulsions, pain, nausea, and paranoia that may last for several days. Actual deaths are uncommon, but they have happened.


8. Chinese police use geese squads.

You’ve of course heard of police dogs, but how about the police geese? As of 2013, 12 police stations in rural China have started to use geese as sentries. They are alert animals and, as you already know, they can make a lot of noise and disturbance which imaginative Chinese law enforcement officers are looking to take advantage of. While this trend has yet to spread across China, the Dongwan police report shows that the geese have already prevented at least one theft.

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