35 Things to Do When You’re Bored

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9. Check your email

Instead of rushing to respond to emails as they come to you, wait until you have a five-minute break, or one that you’ve carved out. “The nice thing about emails is…you can talk to me without me being there to hear them,” Duhigg says. “The point is to check when it’s useful for me, not other people.”


10. Embrace the boredom

Resist the temptation to pull out your phone, and just let your mind wander— you may be shocked at the ideas you have when you don’t need to pump out emails or take care of the kids. “Being bored is important,” Duhigg says. “If we could carry our iPhones into the shower, we wouldn’t have good ideas anymore.”

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11. Take a nap

If you’re not sure what to do and feel tired all the time, maybe taking some time for a quick nap during the day is just what you need. Taking a nap offers many benefits, including boosting mental function, reducing stress, and improving heart health.


12. Write a letter to a friend or family member

If you have some spare time, writing a letter to a loved one will be a nice way to fill it out. There’s research showing that writing a letter is actually going to make you happier, and it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone who happens to read what you wrote.

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13. Try out a new recipe

Take a little time to use the products in your fridge and pantry and have some fun cooking and baking.


14. Make your own DIY face mask

If you have a sewing machine easily accessible, as well as other fabrics and materials lying around, you might want to spend your free time making a face mask.

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15. Read a new book on your bookshelf

Along with rediscovering childhood classics, it’s time to revisit that brand-new book that you swore you would read but ended up collecting dust on your bookshelf instead. In fact, reading should be a daily habit.


16. Listen to your favorite album of music

You don’t know what to do when you’re bored? There’s nothing quite like music to take you to a different place and time and just relieve stress. Play an old record or listen to a live YouTube live performance of a favorite band to help you relax or as background music to make your chores more enjoyable.

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