15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town

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Parking problems are a thing of the past

Katie Wagner moved from humming San Francisco to peaceful Cornelius, North Carolina, where she was sincerely delighted by one of the great advantages of smaller towns— parking everywhere! “We adapted to the convenience factor: being able to find parking everywhere we went as opposed to giving ourselves an extra half hour to circle for parking in San Francisco,” she says.

For other less-populated areas, finding parking is as easy as driving up to an open lot and stopping wherever you want. You can also walk to all the nearby shops in small towns.

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1 thought on “15 Things You Should Know About Moving to a Small Town”

  1. i’ve lived in the rio grande valley, texas. its hot as blazes, but its very cheap to live here. san benito is 35,000 people and that’s big enough for me. of course there very little opportunity here, but i’m retired and can’t afford to live anywhere else. so i guess this is where i’m going to die. every place has its pluses and minuses……….there is no utopia……….bummer!

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