11 Daily Morning Habits That Will Help You Become More Organized

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Do something that you love

“I give myself the permission to do the things I want to do—like meditation, yoga, or music—in very small amounts of time in the morning, for five to 10 minutes,” adds Wolf.

She likes to start her morning with a yoga app, doing some stretching exercises and a little bit of meditation every morning. 20 minutes is all you need and you’ll feel so relaxed after, ready to kick off the day.

Of course, you can do any kind of activity you like, whether it’s sports, reading, watching a TV show or simply chilling on the couch, those minutes to yourself are essential.


Complete tasks in the same order every morning

According to blogger Casey Osmundson on PrettyOrganized.com “this is just as creating muscle memory but for your chores.”
Just like you’re washing your teeth first and then take a shower. You’ve created a habit and follow the same order for years and years.

“It’s the same theory for the rest of your routine,” Osmundson says on the blog. “The more you practice completing a task, the less you’ll have to consciously think about each step. What once seemed like a challenge will soon feel more like second nature.”

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