The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of millions of people all across the globe and it still continues to make its presence seen with more than 55.6 million cases worldwide, and more than 11.8 million just in the United States. No matter how hard it is for us, normal people, it’s even harder for healthcare workers who witness tragedy and death every single day.

With the number of new cases continuing to increase dramatically in America, healthcare workers are tired and overwhelmed by the things they have to face on a daily basis. According to the New York Times, doctors all over the country are quitting their jobs at an alarming and very concerning rate, but no one blames them, as it’s definitely not easy having to work with hundreds of infected patients.

Actor and writer June Diane Raphael posted on Twitter on November 15th a screenshot of a text message she got from her best friend who works as a pulmonary doctor. Her tweet is now circulating all over social media, with more than 54,000 retweets in a single day.

Read on to find out the most devastating thing about COVID-19, according to doctors!

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3 thoughts on “The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors”

  1. We now have a vaccine to fight the covid-19, thanks to TRUMP with making the vaccine #1 priority. Only 9 months to bring it on. The average time for the Dr.Fauci types in the government was 4+ years. Listening to the government types is a disaster in progress. Open up the economy and stop killing people. The next administration will be a medical and economic disaster.

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