The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors

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‘What’s sad is that local bars still have long lines and are full of people every weekend.’

In her text message, the doctor also talked about the medical’s community hard work and effort are highly affected by the general public’s behavior, who appear to still not understand the risks and how dangerous this virus can be.

According to the doctor, “There is such a disconnect between the hospital and the surrounding communities. I don’t leave the hospital to bells, whistles, and clanging pots and pans,” mentioning the daily tradition during the first days of the outbreak where the public used to thank health care worker every night with a cheer from their balconies.

Instead, she continued saying, every night when I drive home through a college town, I’m shocked by the large number of people that are waiting to enter in local bars.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Devastating Thing About COVID-19, According to Doctors”

  1. We now have a vaccine to fight the covid-19, thanks to TRUMP with making the vaccine #1 priority. Only 9 months to bring it on. The average time for the Dr.Fauci types in the government was 4+ years. Listening to the government types is a disaster in progress. Open up the economy and stop killing people. The next administration will be a medical and economic disaster.

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