Bizarre Conspiracy Theories: From Megan Markle to Aliens And 5G

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Meghan Markle is a robot

This is a relatively new theory that’s circulating over the Internet since Megan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s apparition on Britain’s Got Talent finale. You’ve probably seen the video already, but if you didn’t, it showed Megan and Harry applauding while sitting in the audience, without even blinking, with a poker face.

Since then, a lot of people believe the royal couple is actually a robot, or both of them have android doubles which they use every time they need to attend royal events. The theory became even more believable when the couple promoted the new Live Figures exhibit at Madame Tussauds London.

I would say it’s quite creepy, but the new feature will also include other famous celebrities, allowing people to interact with the clones. But Harper’s Bazaar wrote that the royal couple didn’t attend the finale, and there were two people wearing Harry and Meghan face masks.

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