6 Foods You Will NOT Believe Are Named After People

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4. Fettucine Alfredo

The Alfredo sauce is one of the most famous ones that exist on the maker. Yet the original recipe does not call for a cream sauce, but only several kinds of butter. The name of the dish comes from the type of pasta used, fettuccine, and the man who invented the recipe. Alfredo di Lelio made up this type of pasta for his wife in Italy in 1914. The dish just takes up the name of its owner.

5. Clementines

Despite what many people think, clementines are different from satsumas, mandarins, and tangerines. They’re a very specific type of hybrid fruit made up in the 19th century by a French monk, who crossed mandarins with sweet oranges. The result was a sweeter, less acidic citrus, that is easy to peel and recognizable by its glossy peel.

The name of the monk who discovered it was Marie-Clément Rodier, hence why the fruit bears his name today.

6. Boysenberry

If you are from Southern California, it’s impossible that you have not heard of Knott’s Berry Farm, one of the biggest theme parks in Orange County. The theme park is one of the reasons why the boysenberry has become so famous, as it sells and commercializes jams and preserves made from the berry.

The berry is actually a hybrid, much like the clementine, made up from the cross between a loganberry, dewberry, raspberry, and blackberry. Rudolf Boysen, who was a botanist and also an Anaheim park superintendent, created the berry in 1920. It was the man who later created the Knott’s Berry Farm that gave them their name as he used to sell the berries and he had to give them a name.

Who know they would end up being such a hit?

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