Top 12 Celebs and Their Hilarious Halloween Costumes In 2021

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@crissyteigen

Halloween is one of the best celebrations of the year: the candy, the creative costumes, the decorations, and just the spooky season in general, are a total blast! Around Halloween celebrities usually get very inventive and they parade around as HILARIOUS characters.

It was no exception this year that’s for sure! So, let’s see what they decided to wear this time of the year when they went Trick or Treating!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/ @drewbarrymore

12. Drew Barrymore as herself

Do you remember the famous horror movie ”Scream” in which actress Drew Barrymore played? In case you do, well this Halloween she decided to take a walk down memory lane and get dressed as her character in the movie.

Well done, Drew!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/ @badgalriri

11. Rihanna as the rapper Gunna

We love Rihanna and not just because her songs made our hearts melt since the beginning of time, but also because her taste in fashion is one of a kind. And this year, she made no exception since she dressed up as rapper Gunna.

Even if you don’t know who Gunna is, her whole outfit is HILARIOUS! And we are not going to lie, it suits her very well.

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