10 Funny Signs That Prove You Can Protest Anything

Image By Eric Crama From Shutterstock

Social causes and rallies are made so that people can protest against an unfair decision or situation, to make their voices heard. It is our constitutional right to be able to voice what bothers us and ask for a change. From the protest for the Black Lives Matter movement to the ones against the Texas abortion law, we have seen movements big and small all over the country. However, there are some people who attend them whose signs seem to be a little off.

There are people who genuinely have no idea what they are protesting, so their signs end up being hilarious, and there are other people who show up to protests that they do not believe in just to make a joke. The phenomenon of funny signs has been so prevalent that there’s a guy who has gotten famous by making funny signs about annoying everyday life situations.

Here we have gathered the funniest protest signs that prove that you can truly protest anything if you try hard enough! We just don’t know who will take you seriously.

Which one did you like best and which one made you chuckle most?

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