6 New Years Traditions For Good Luck

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The trend over the years has been to see people all over our social media or even in person, talk about their resolutions and how they wish to have more luck than the one they had this year… And then we slowly see them not keep to their resolutions and they end up disappointed. We think that resolutions are fun and you can definitely set some up, it is always great to aim to better ourselves! Yet, maybe aim lower and give yourself some space to make some mistakes, maybe not fully fulfill your resolution.

And when thinking about the luck aspect of everything, maybe there are actually some things you can do to give it a boost in the year to come! There are a lot of countries and cultures that have specific, sometimes bizarre, traditions and superstitions about what you should do on New Year’s Eve in order to ensure you will be lucky in the new year.

Whether it is because you want to try them out, see what is so peculiar about some of these traditions, or you are just curious about what others are up to on that special night, keep on reading to see some of the best and weirdest New Year traditions!

We promise we have gathered the most interesting ones! Let us know if any catch your attention!

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