Melania Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits!

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Being a former first lady, Melania Trump has been in the spotlight almost as much as her husband. However, the attention on what she was doing was mostly related to Donald Trump: whether she supported him or not. Even so, we have kept a close eye on the ex-model and sometimes her fashion choices have not been the best. Dare we say, they have been atrocious at times.

From very ill-chosen blouses, who carry the name of body parts that landed the ex-president in some hot waters, to insensitive clothing choices, Melania has done them all. Yet, as tone deaf as some of them are, which ones have risen to the top? Well, we have gathered the most inappropriate ones she wore in this list.

Which ones made you do a double-take?

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53 thoughts on “Melania Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits!”

  1. If Michelle Obama had worn any of these outfits, you would have raved and celebrated her “free spirit” and “trend-setting” style.

  2. Charles Bartholomew

    I think it’s bull crap. Is it even Melania? She does not have these attitudes. Probably done when she wasn’t watching.

  3. Wow, you guys are really suffering from some serious Trump Derrangement Syndrome. Melania is the most beautiful First Lady in our history. It is a shame the Left chose to ignore her at best and constantly attack her at worst. Do yourself and big favor and NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT AT ANY LEVEL OF GOV’T. Democrats are evil. Pure evil.

    1. You have hit it on the mark, Never vote for a democrat Better yet pass a term limit bill for all politicians and let’s get some new blood in there
      We keep fishing in the same pond and then we wonder why nothing ever changes

    2. Dr Jill Biden
      Still your PRESIDENTS..wife. she was elected
      And replaced milanie trump. She must be better. And nobody is looking back

    3. Democrats are evil? Then why do the Republicans have hundreds..literally HUNDREDS of their WH/executive staff being indicted, gone to trial, pled guilty and/or gone to jail? The Democrats have less than 5 members of their WH/executive staff, one of them being Clinton getting in trouble for lying about “having sex with his intern”.

      Evil? Have you even read about dt’s personal life up until his announcement of running for POTUS? Before he even because POTUS he had been sued, gone bankrupt several times, Went to court because he was caught stealing from his own chairty and ordered not to open another charity…No Democrat can even begin to be as evil as dt and his happy low life GOP Reps, Senators….I could write you a book about the Presidents and their staff being indicted….all the way to some even found or pled guilty and some that went to jail.

    4. Jackie Kennedy was the most loveliest First Lady. You don’t know what you’re talking about. And God will strike you down and you’ll never know when. I suggest you keep looking over your shoulder.

    5. Melania Trump far exceeds the current President’s wife in poise, fashion and charitable work. The outfits worn by the current female resident of the White House look like grandma’s ill fitting table cloths.

  4. Richard Madden

    Most of these criticisms are unfair. She is the wife of a very wealthy person and her clothes reflect this. She probably doesn’t have any scruffy shoes to wear when in the garden. Overall, her clothing is wonderful and she looks really great in almost anything in her wardrobe. As many praise her as deride her choices. She seems to carry it off with great aplomb.

  5. I read all of your Negative remarks concerning Melania Trump dressing, when she served as first lady. This woman was a very high styled world model and is married to a very rich man. With her background did you think she should wear flour sack dresses and old lady shoes. I for one admired her for her taste and how she conducted herself. Remember this person was not raised in the US but I think she adjusted pretty dam well considering nothing she did was acceptable to the folks who do not care how they look, regardless of where they are going. My God the woman spoke seven languages. Mrs. Obama was a very pretty lady and she related to the folks on the Southside of Chicago where she was raised and dressed accordingly Mrs. Laura Bush was a Librarian and dress accordingly as well. It is too back that too many American women can’t make the effort to get out of “sweats” and look more presentable.
    thank you for lisening!

    1. Liar just like that so called husband of hers.All she is is a trophy wife.The man had to go to another country to pick one out.

    2. You are so right Mary! I liken Melania to Jackie O -they both have “international sophistication”. But Melania is the most beautiful first lady of them all!

    1. First Lady, Melania Trump, is the most beautiful First Lady, EVER!! The left are so jealous of her and President Trump, they will do anything to do evil. They hate themselves and have life issues, that’s the reason for all of their hatred towards good people . If they would learn to love themselves, first, then they may be able to see the good in other people. They sure do show their true colors!! I’ll never vote for a Democrat!!!!

  6. This is stupid, her clothing choices are better than Jackie Kennedy and/or Hillery Clinton’s! Both known for their own “Personal Style”, that people both liked and objected to!

  7. Glad to see most of the comments reflect the fact that Melania was indeed the most beautiful First Lady we have known, and though ladies who dislike other ladies will always find fault with something in their rival’s appearance, Melania dressed as a leading lady should, with the flair of a fashion model – which happened to be what she was!

  8. Although I’m not a big fam of her and her husband, I don’t think it is fair to attack Mrs. Trump over her fashion sense. She’s a beautiful woman, seemingly inside and out, and does not deserve to be attacked politically, regardless of her and her abhorrent husband’s party affiliation. Pick something more serious to criticize her about, otherwise you come off as being petty and spiteful.

    1. Honey Sammartano

      Michelle Obama was once criticized for wearing designer sneakers and the far right thought she was horrible. she could have worn far more expensive dresses than the Ann Taylor ones she wore but she chose to be relatable. While she was First Lady she never appeared at an event in clothing that could be considered inappropriate or offensive Now that her husband is out of office she dresses how she chooses and she is beautiful.

  9. Not a thing wrong with any of these clothes. I don’t see it. She sure looks better than the previous so called first LADY!!

  10. This entire criticism of the first lady’s dress code is nonsense. Who in their right mind would go after someone just because of their wealth. If the 1st lady ruined her shoes shoveling dirt I’m sure she can buy new ones. We have way more important issues in this country so put more insistence on them.

  11. Here we go again. I don’t really think that what a President’s wife wears is very important and certainly not worth the media taking up a hate campaign because she has the body, looks, and nerve to wear what she likes and not what some idiot on the sidelines says she should wear. Quite frankly, I do not think there was anything inappropriate about her wardrobe and I am sick to death of the media trying to make this lady look bad and humiliate her. Times have changed, guys. Get updated. You people should check out what the younger ladies are wearing these days before you try to humiliate a lady for her choice of clothing. I have great respect for any woman who stays fashionable and does not feel she has to look like Betty Ford or Jacklyn Kennedy. Grow Up. The younger women in this country do not care.

  12. Most beautiful and most fashionable First Lady we have ever had. Those who question this are just jealous.

  13. Have you bothered to look at those ‘things’ Dr Biden wears in public? Whoever is her fashion adviser needs to be fired!! They are even worse than some of those things Michele chose to wear!! Ugggg

  14. She was beautiful, and brighter than she was given credit for (spoke several languages fluently). But some of the outfits shown were in poor taste for the occasion, especially #1, the “I don’t care, do U?” jacket. I don’t see how this is a forum to attack all Democrats, because it is just stating the reality of her choices. Democrats have nothing to do with this.

  15. This seems to be a mean-spirited hit job on the first lady. Just because the is “Trump” you seem to belittle a
    great first lady.

    Who Cares

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