10 Amazing Things Only ’70s Homes Used to Have

Image By Yuliya Papkova From Shutterstock

Bean Bag Chairs

Just how much did we have to beg as teenagers to get a couple of bean bag chairs to throw in the basement? They were so popular back in the day that it was a surprise when someone didn’t have them thrown all over their basement. And let’s be honest, they were pretty comfortable!

The only drawback was when you had to get yourself up. It always worked better to roll off for me.

Rattan Furniture

My grandma just loved that rattan furniture, and once it was acceptable to move it from the patio to the living room, it found its forever place. Just like many others, there was a craze about having this type of furniture virtually anywhere in the house, and it was a hot commodity at one point.

Though, when I think back on it, with all the ferns and grandma’s macrame obsession, it would have been weird if she didn’t like the rattan.

Alarm Clocks

Before we all became slaves to the digital world, we relied on the good old alarm clocks. The most iconic one that I remember was the one with the flipping numbers. The always popular wood veneer ones became one of the most common ones, along with the brightly colored ones that defined the ’70s. They brought personality to every bedroom. Not to mention that you could hear these alarm clocks from other rooms! They were bound to wake you up!

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