10 Amazing Things Only ’70s Homes Used to Have

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Linoleum Floors

I don’t know about all your moms, but mine loved just how easy it was to clean the kitchen linoleum. Not only was it a staple in every ’70s household, but it also gave each kitchen its own unique identity. The patterns and the colors were bright and very hard to miss. Sure, some were a little tacky, but it was just a staple in each of our homes.


And while I could also name all the fringe-forward hairstyles of the time, along with all the fringed vests and ponchos, it would be mean to ignore just how many lampshades had fringes. It was one of the biggest things and one of the trendiest things back then. There was just something about how the material lampshades and their fringes defused the light that was just magical.

Patterned Wallpaper

When the walls weren’t covered with wood paneling (another staple of the houses back then), they would be covered in a big and bold wallpaper that occasionally gave the linoleum floor a run for its money. Not only did they come in a myriad of colors, but they also had fun geometric shapes or other patterns that just added so much to a room. I personally loved the bold choice of colors, even if some were a bit too much!

Pod Chairs

As opposed to the bean bag chairs, the pod chairs were easy to get up from. But these chairs were just as comfortable to sit in, if not even more. Often called globe or egg chairs, they could make you feel like you were truly in a futuristic setting. And with how they were cushioned all around, they were some of the coziest experiences.

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